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Cedar City Animal Hospital is owned and operated by Dr. Cameron Norton, DVM.  Dr. Norton is a mixed-animal veterinarian with over a decade of experience and loves helping the people and animals in our community here in Cedar City!  Browse our webpage and stop by in person to check out our animal hospital.






Lab results in minutes

Accurate, fast results can be life-saving. With cutting-edge technology in house, we are able to get answers within minutes:  no more waiting days for blood results, immediately identify eye-conditions with our Tono-pen.  Benefit now from our advanced diagnostic equipment!


Instant imaging

Quality imaging means a more accurate diagnosis.  On-site digital x-ray equipment allows us to take and process radiographs immediately during your visit, while a second portable digital x-ray unit allows for x-rays in the field.


Non-invasive Diagnostic Imaging

With our state-of-the-art ultrasound machine, we are able to identify pregnancy earlier than with traditional x-ray methods.  Ultrasound  also allows us to identify and diagnose various internal issues otherwise only visible by exploratory surgery, sparing your pet from invasive procedure when possible and saving you money.


Healthy pets

Healthy pets start with health maintenance plans and preventative care.  We offer wellness exams to ensure your pet is in good health and fit for your daily activities, and to establish a healthy lifestyle for your pet.



The safety and health of all our patients are top priority, and prevention is vital.  As such, we encourage all our clients to remain current on their pets' vaccination schedules.  We offer all relevant vaccines to protect the animals in our community from contagious infections.


Spay & neuter, etc.

We offer a wide range of surgical services using state-of-the-art surgical laser, including but not limited to spays and neuters, amputations, eye surgeries, c-sections, exploratories, and other advanced surgical procedures.


Intensive Care

We offer intensive care, isolation, and recovery hospitalization.  Our dedicated, vented isolation room keeps animals with infectious conditions separated from other hospitalized patients and includes viewing glass for consistent monitoring.  Additionally, our dog and cat wards are separated and equipped with soothing music to provide a low-stress environment for hospitalized patients.


Oral Health

A healthy mouth is necessary for overall animal health.  We offer dental cleanings, extractions, and oral surgeries as well as preventative dental care and counseling.



Snake bites and other wild animal encounters may require urgent treatment to save the life of your pet.  Safe wilderness practices are key, but for accidental exposure, we offer antivenom therapy (antivenin).


Training owners & pets

We recognize that many new pet owners are learning as they go.  We are here and happy to help with answers to your questions about caring for your pet, including counseling for your pet's healthcare, behavior, diet, and exercise.


Twilight years

We are blessed to live in the age of modern medicine.  With quality veterinary care, pets are living longer lives.  This means many of us have beloved senior pets that require specialty care.  We offer senior health plans to keep your aging pets feeling comfortable in their twilight years.



Help us help you!  Microchipping is an excellent way to identify animals in order to return them safely home.  Animals with microchips are given the advantage of being identified quickly and easily with a simple scan of their microchip.  We can help you register your microchip so that you have free access to the ASPCA Poison Control Hotline as well as other proactive pet-recovery services, preparing you in the event of an emergency or lost pet.


Multiple species

We serve a variety of animals including dogs and cats, rodents and other "pocket pets," birds, farm animals, horses, etc.  We also perform farm/house calls when haul-in is not an option.


Animals on the go

We offer government-required health certificates for travel or sale.


Extended business hours

We hope to alleviate the inconvenience associated with having to take off work to bring your animal to the vet by extending our business hours both into early morning and into the evening to save you time and money while maintaining top-quality medical care.  While accommodating both scheduled appointments and urgent veterinary emergencies, we do our best to eliminate any wait time whenever possible.


Urgent care

Our doctors provide their personal home phone numbers for urgent "on-call" veterinary emergencies that may arise after Cedar City Animal Hospital has closed. They do their best to remain available and return calls whenever possible.  We appreciate your understanding that while Dr. Norton offers this optional service, as a father of seven, there may be times when he is unavailable to take calls at home.  Thank you for your consideration of his personal time with your on-call requests.




Through more than a decade of experience as a mixed-animal veterinarian and through many years serving the Cedar City and surrounding areas, Dr. Norton has identified areas in which he feels we can be of greater service to our community.  Cedar City Animal Hospital is an independent and comprehensive full-service veterinary facility, opened by Dr. Norton as a way to meet the growing need in our community for AfterHours care while maintaining full-service daytime availability as well. 

Our mission is to serve both our patients and our clients by providing quality medicine, convenience, and a pleasant experience for animal and owner alike.  Cedar City Animal Hospital provides a unique and innovative opportunity for client convenience when it comes to medical care for your pets.  We offer a wide range of business hours (see our contact page for details) in hopes of being available to clients with various personal schedules.  We understand that taking off work to bring your animal to the vet during the day or calling in an off-duty vet requires not only inconvenience, but additional financial expense.  Our hope is to reduce that burden on clients and veterinarians by offering these unique operating hours.

As a full-service facility, we are equipped to receive and treat both routine veterinary cases and veterinary emergencies and are dedicated to providing top-quality medical care for our patients as well as a positive and enjoyable experience for our clients.

Our clinic is conveniently located in the Blackrock Shopping Center on West 200 N/Hwy56, in Cedar City, next door to Chef Alfredo's Restaraunte Italiano and across the street from the Market Grill and Stock Yards. 



2333 W HWY 56, Suite A

Cedar City, Utah 84720 (see map below)

Email: Contact Form below

Tel:  435-586-VETS (                        )



Monday through Friday

7:30am-5pm W, Th, F & 9am-7pm M, T

"On-Call" services

Mon&Tue: Dr. Norton - 435-590-8981

Wed&Thur: Dr. Harmer  435-299-9175

Fri/Wkend: Local vet rotation (call for current info  435-590-8981)


Closed Sunday



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Dr. Norton is well-loved in our community for his sincere concern for pet owners and animals alike as well as his fun and quirky sense of humor.  His endearing personality is enhanced by his sincere desire to listen and solve difficult veterinary cases, while meeting the needs of both the patient and the owner. 

Dr. Norton is a family man and father of seven children.  He and his wife started their family with a puppy, immediately followed by five wonderful and rambunctious boys.  They were shocked to learn that their sixth child was a girl, but have enjoyed having her feminine influence in the home!  They added another son to their family in February, 2018.  Dr. Norton's first love is family.  He especially loves spending time with his family in the outdoors, whether that time is spent hiking through nature or tending to his garden.

Growing up in the woods of Kentucky, Dr. Norton developed a deep love for being surrounded by and caring for plants and animals.  But, as a veterinarian, he loves his interaction with people as much as his interaction with animals.  He can often be caught joking around with clients in the clinic and enjoys maintaining a light and friendly atmosphere with his staff.

Dr. Norton received his Bachelors of Animal Science degree from Brigham Young University in 2002.  He then went on to obtain both his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Iowa State University and his Masters of Public Health degree from the University of Iowa in 2007.  He has worked full-time as a mixed-animal veterinarian since that time and loves what he does.



We are pleased to have Dr. Dan Harmer joining our team from Price, Utah, where he practiced veterinary medicine for four years. While he is a friendly, skilled, and intelligent veterinarian who is dedicated to helping animals, we like to tease him about his name, which he takes in stride with a chuckle and a smile.  He is a valuable addition to our practice and we feel blessed to have him. Dr. Harmer and his family are looking forward to making Cedar City their new home.


Veterinary surgery and dentistry are particular professional interests that Dr. Harmer especially enjoys. He is a great “country vet” who, in addition to helping cats and dogs, enjoys being able to care for farm animals, exotic pets, and even injured wildlife.  Dr. Harmer graduated from BYU in 2007 and taught Junior High School Health for five years before pursuing a second career as a veterinarian. He graduated from Washington State University/Utah State University in 2017.  As a former public school teacher, Dr. Harmer loves opportunities to visit classrooms to speak about veterinary medicine.


Dan and his wife, Emily, have been married since 2006. Emily is also a graduate of BYU and is a native of Rockville, Utah. They have three children: Autumn (13), Elias (8), and Summer (6).  The Harmers enjoy camping, hiking, homesteading, and gardening. Dan is also an amateur novelist, woodworker, and guitarist.  The Harmer family has 3 cats, 4 goats, and 5 chickens. As true animal lovers, they’ve frequently fostered sick or injured animals until they were healthy enough to be adopted.


Dr. Harmer looks forward to getting to know you and helping with all your veterinary needs.




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“Dr. Norton is very kind and caring.  He went the extra mile for us when we had to put a dear old pet down and was just the same for our new dog.

Great service.”


— Sheila R Welhoelter, 4.21.19

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